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I’m Sorry, By The Time You Get This, I Won’t Be Alive Anymore – Former Miss USA’s Heartbreaking Final Text To Mother Before Su!cide



Cheslie Kryst, a former Miss USA winner, sent her mother a sad and final text message before she committed Su!cide..

The lady committed suicide by jumping from her New York City apartment. Simpkins admitted on Red Table Talk that seeing the post nearly knocked her out

Kryst, 30, sent her mother April Simpkins a text message right before jumping from her NYC high-rise earlier this year, reading: ‘First, I’m sorry, by the time you get this, I won’t be alive anymore. And it makes me even more sad to write this because I know this will hurt you the most.’

‘By the time I had read the text, an hour had passed,‘ she told host Jada Pinkett-Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, Pinkett-Smith’s mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris. Kryst had sent her mother the text while she knew she’d be in an exercise class. ‘I [remember] calling my husband and screaming “what, what” and we got home and just trying to figure out what to do. I had not read the rest of her message, I just couldn’t.’

She went on to say that she immediately took the text seriously because it was her daughter’s second attempt at suicide. Her mother revealed that she had tried suicide in her early twenties.

The long message went on to say: ‘I love you mom, and you are my best friend, and the person I’ve lived for for years. I wish I could say with you, but I cannot bear the crushing weight of persistent sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness any longer.

‘I’ve never told you these feelings, because I never wanted you to worry, and because I hoped they would eventually change, but I know they never will. They follow me through every accomplishment, success, family gather, friendly dinner – I cry almost every day now, like I’m in mourning. I wished for death for years. And I know you would want to know and want to help, but I haven’t wanted to share this weight with anyone.

‘Regardless of that, thank you sincerely being there for me in some of my loneliness moments without me even telling you I needed you. You have kept me alive and ready to face another day, because you answer every phone call and you are there for me at the drop of a hat. You listen to me and care when I tell you what goes on in my life and you’ve always made me feel as if you loved me.

‘I love you more than any person I’ve ever known. You’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve done everything right. ‘I no longer feel like I have any purpose in life. I don’t know if I ever really did.’

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