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“I Was In Morocco Recently And Found Out Something Strange, I Discovered That In Morocco They Don’t Spend Dollars” – Peter Obi Reveals (Details below)



“One of the most important ingredients of being a nation is the respect and trust people have for their currency, currency is a measure of productivity and economy, and I find it very worrisome that government officials who are supposed to be the protector of this particular item have abandoned our currency and they are now spending dollars.

I find it very worrisome that while our manufacturers and business people can’t find dollar for critical input into manufacturing, critical import of spare and everything the politicians have dollars to spend, no country of the world will this happen.

I was in Morocco within the past few weeks and i bought travel allowance from Nigeria, I went to Morocco and they told me that I have to cash dollars using my credit card, I asked for where i would find a dollar credit point to cash dollars and I was shocked when they told me i can’t do that in Morocco, they said I have to change the money to their currency.

When i asked a government official why they don’t have where I can change dollars, he said not in Morocco, in Morocco we spend our own currency so you must change that dollar to our currency.

But in Nigeria government officials and everybody is changing our currency into dollars and this is the dollars we can’t give to manufacturers”.

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