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“Just do the DNA for your peace of mind and for all of us supporting you” – Reaction as Mohbad’s father plasters court order for Liam’s DNA test on Wunmi’s gate



Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Mohbad takes a drastic move of attaching the court order for the DNA test of Liam Light on the gate of his daughter-in-law, Wunmi.

This came days after Wunmi denied receiving a court order for the paternity of her son after being sent the order twice to her address by the court.

See below….

Following a third order by substitute served by a Chief Magistrate Court in Ikorodu, Lagos, Mohbad’s father reportedly attached it to Wunmi’s gate.

Mr Joseph has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as many applauded him for taking the drastic move while others blasted him for being unprofessional in his approach.

Reactions as Mohbad’s father attaches DNA court order on Wunmi’s gate

rosythrone said: “I can’t even pray for my enemies to be in Wumi shoes. No body deserve such fru$tration.”

blanchegwagon noted: “OBA, pls advise her to just do the dna. For her peace of mind and so that all of us supporting her can continuously support her with our full chest, we beg .”

mo_williamss stated: “I feel shes running away from the court order, she kmows whaat she’s doing, she. No wan do DNA i hate nonsense.”

raimatty wrote: “If you’re praying for good husband, plz pray for good husband family too,pity for her.”

igboangel wrote: “If the girl doesn’t have any insect in her closet she should do the DNA. Her refusal and gimmicks to dodge the DNA beg a lot of question.”

folashade_ayinke said: “ deady body get accident yeepa , confusion break bone yeeoa , na double wahala for dead body and the owner of dead body double wahala for dead body. I doubt Mohbad soul fit rest in perfect peace laidis. If this is how the man put body when his son was being bullied before he kpai I’m sure the guy would still be alive by now.”

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