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“Our Money Go Long” – Says Yahoo Boys As Victim Vomits and Begs For Her Life While They Perform Final Rituals To End Her



In a disturbing video circulating widely across social media platforms, a distressing scene shows a young woman ple@ding for her life in the presence of a group of Yahoo boys, known for their involvement in illicit activities.

According to reports, she paid a visit to her boyfriend, unaware of his association with the money rituals gang known as G boys, or Yahoo boys. Little did she know that her boyfriend had given the green light to his gang members to proceed with their rituals on her arrival.

As captured in the video, the woman is seen vomiting uncontrollably while surrounded by the jubilant gang members, who appear ecstatic at their perceived success in finding a sacrificial victim to further their pursuit of wealth through all means possible.

Their chilling chant of “Our Money Go Long” echoes throughout the room, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to accumulating wealth at any cost, even at the expense of another’s life.

The woman, visibly d!stressed and defenseless, becomes the focal point of their ritualistic activities as they callously await her to dle.

Speculations arise regarding the woman’s relationship with her boyfriend, believed to be a member of the gang, her pursuit of wealth may have blinded her to the dangers she now finds herself.

The video shows the lengths to which Yahoo boys are willing to go for financial prosperity, regardless of the consequences.

Among the disturbing imagery captured in the video is the presence of a pot of calabash adorned with red cloth for the rituals. One of the Yahoo boys is seen hurriedly conducting the sacrifice, using an egg to circle the woman’s head before breaking it.

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