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Hours After Israeli Warplanes Dropped Bombs On Major Buildings In Palestine, See How US President Reacted (Details below)



Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, has reacted to the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians.

There have been several killings in Israel as a result of over 1500 rockets fired from Gaza into different locations in Israel, which claims the lives of 6 Israeli citizens.

Israeli retaliates as their fighter jets have also been dropping heavy bombs on Palestinian buildings.

It was gathered from news sources that the crisis started when Palestinian families were forced to leave Sheikh Jarrah East of Jerusalem neighborhood.

Some Palestinians began to protest against the eviction, which turned to violence when Israeli forces fired at the protesters.

They also raided the Al- Aqsa Mosque compound, as they attacked Muslim worshippers, injuring many of those who were currently worshipping there.

This drew the attention of the Palestinian militant group, who issued an ultimatum to Israel to withdraw its forces from the Al- Aqsa compound and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, which Israel ignored.

More than 1, 500 that were sent by Palestinian militants were intercepted by Israel’ s defense system, some landed and killed Israeli citizens.

As soon as Israel began to carry out aerial attacks on one of the major buildings in Palestine, Their warplanes also brought down some key structures, and numerous videos on social media captured the moment the fighter jets dropped bombs on the structures.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden has spoken out on the current dispute, stating that there is nothing wrong with Israel protecting its territory.

Joe Biden revealed in a video that his National Security and Defense Staffs have been in touch with Palestine and Israel that they just finished a meeting with Netanyahu.

Biden went on to say that the crisis will soon be resolved, and Israel has the right to self- defense when thousands of rockets are fired into its territory.

His statement from the video reads, ” I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu and will issue a statement shortly; my hope and expectation are, this crisis is shut down sooner rather than later, but Israel has the right to defend itself when thousands of rockets are launched into its territory. “