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You Should Remember What You Told Buhari Three Years Ago”, Buhari’s Aide Berate Governors (Details below)



Some years ago, the president proposed that ranching be permitted throughout Nigeria, but most governors declined and rejected the president’ s proposal.

Now, Onochie, President Muhammadu Buhari’ s presidential aide, has spoken out to criticize some governors who have banned open grazing in their states. She reminded them that President Muhammadu Buhari wanted to establish 94 ranches across the country a few years ago to prevent the ” herders and farmers crisis. ”

According to Presidential Assistant (Lauretta Onochie), she explained that President Muhammadu Buhari’ s government wanted the best for the country, so he devised a plan to provide billions of naira to some governors to be used to build ranches in various parts of the country, but the governor refused. She stated that the president’ s ideas were not taken into account at all, and that it is only fair and reasonable to make every effort to save and avoid conflict.

“The federal government proposed a plan for 94 ranches in order to stop open grazing in the country, but some governors rejected the plan, and now the story has changed as they are banning open grazing in their states without a plan, ” she said.

She stated this after some governors imposed a ban on open grazing in their states, explaining that the decision was unjust because some governors did not consider the federal government’ s plan when he was brought then. It should be noted that for the sake of our unity, we must prioritize the interests of this country over personal interests.

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More importantly, communal clashes or clashes between nomadic herders and farmers should be controlled through our concerted efforts, which I believe we can achieve for the sake of this country and future generations.

Efforts must be on top gear to ensure this country leave in harmony and unity. Our unity is the most good thing we can achieve