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Hajia Bintu Talks About What She Will Be Doing If Her Beautiful Body Fades Away (Details below)



Sometimes, we wonder what exactly will be happening to some of the celebrities if they loose what actually makes them famous.

Today, our focus is on Hajia Bintu as she comes out to tell us what she would be doing immidiately her beautiful body fades away.

Ghanaian Award Winning TikToker Hajia Bintu has a video circulating of her saying in the video that she has been hearing a lot of people asking her that what will she do when her body fades out.

Hajia responded by saying “ok so I haven’t replied to any comment before and I want to do this because I have been seeing a lot of comments like this under my post. So first of all, am a make-up artist. Second I have my own business, I sell waist chains, I have my page on Instagram.

Three am a student of Koforidua Technical University reading Hospitality, so please in case my body fades out I have a certificate that will put me through. Thank you.” She concluded.

Let us watch the video that is going viral below.