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See What Is Written On This Banner As Sunday Igboho’s Media Team Storm Agege Lagos (Photos below)



The 2023 general elections will be Nigeria 7th Presidential election after the miliatry era of 1999, there are plans already going in political parties on who will be their candidate for this general election.

Though no official representative from political parties yet, but as it stand now Nigeria has two major political parties which are thr People’s Democratic party and the All progressive party and elections will surely hold in all geo political zone in the country including the southwest.

However, something happened in Agege today that caught my attention, we must have heard about the Sunday Igboho’s agenda of a yoruba nation. So, in bid of their earlier promise, the Sunday Igboho spokesperson media team “Koiki Media” storm Agege area od Lagos for a campaign.

The campaign saw the media team take on to the street to preach to some people about their agenda, what was written on the banner was what caught my attention.

On the banner is a campaign for their alleged Yoruba nation and also how they plan to stop 2023 elections in the south western Nigeria.