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Vanity Upon Vanity – See What A Yahoo Boy Was Caught Doing that got People Talking (Photos below)



The manner at which our young youths engage in activities that are totally against the law, and against the commandments of the Bible, has now become a thing of concern. Several times have I wondered why some Guys cannot calm down, and hustle to become a better person in the future. Rather they want to make ends meet by all means, and equally be influential and fame in the Society. But one thing that is still certain and is expected we all should bear in mind is that, there us always a repercussions for every thing we do here on Earth.

Once you have been in the boarding school or stayed in the hostel, you can attest to the fact that some Boys are so rough when it comes to Playing. And often times, what leads to degrees of injuries is rough play.

There is a trending Story which has gone viral across all social media platforms in Ghana, where some schools students whose identity was not disclosed for security reasons, we’re seen playing with water, little did they know that it can lead to series of Injuries.

Judging from the video which has virtually gone viral, it can be seen that it is obvious that this Young boys were risking their lives by sliding inside water. Now I want to use this medium to advise the parents and the teacher, should always look out for their children and students.

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It is pertinent to note to note that some students so much like to play, but they never thought of the fact that some play can lead to Injuries.

In reacting to this, a lot internet users have taken to the Post to comment and state their own opinion over what this Yahoo Boys where Caught Doing. Some parents used the medium to plead with the school authorities, to always know out for their children in their various school environment. But some persons made fun of the whole scenario.

The students are thinking they are enjoying and playing, but such play might go wrong.

This video has really got a lot of people talking, as some parents and guidance are pleading with the school authority to put an eye for their children in school, while others just made fun of the situation.

Below are the comments and reactions of internet users: