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My Son’s Body Is Growing Old Even Though He Is Just 10 Years Of Age – Woman Shares Her Story (Details below)



Sometimes, we say that age is just a number but some of us really care about our age because some people really look older than their age whiles others also look younger than their age. What do you think might be the cause of all these? Is it from our system which is causing all these or its just a normal thing?

One woman and her 10-year-old child which this situation does not seem normal to are in the news and she is here to explain to us her sad story about how her child is growing old very fast at a very tender age.

Let us listen to Anastasia as she tells her sad story; “I really do not know what is happening to my son and would be very glad if I get to know what is happening to him. It all started a few years ago when I got pregnant with my son. Everything was okay and I was expecting a normal child at the end of my 9 months pregnancy duration. During my period of pregnancy, everything was fine, and did not face any unusual problem even though I did not have enough money for a medical check-up.” She continues.

“When the 9th month was due, I was taken to the hospital and I delivered normally. The baby looked healthy and everything was on point. After some time, I took my baby home and all that was left was to take good care of her till he grows. A few months later, my son’s growth started becoming surprising since it was something that I had not seen in my life before. He started acting like he was insane and we had no option other than to take him to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, he had started showing signs of being disabled.”

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“My baby was not laughing anymore and could cry the whole day. I was very sad because I could see that the baby was in pain and he was little to tell me his pain. How I wished I could help that little child of mine but my effort was to no avail. At the hospital, the doctors could not figure out what was actually happening to my baby so they transferred us to another hospital. When we got to the other hospital, we were transferred to another hospital. Literally, we were transferred to three hospitals that day.”

“Upon reaching the third hospital, a scan examination was performed and the results made the doctor’s hair standing. I asked the doctors what was wrong with my baby, but they refused to tell me what the problem was and transferred us to another hospital. I kept going to different hospitals but nothing good came up from it. I have spent all that I had just to make sure my son would get well but his condition keeps worsening.”

“I gave up taking my son to the hospital. A year later, to my surprise, my son started eating her bedsheet, clothes, and the mattress he sleeps on as well. That was when I realized that he was not only showing signs of disability but also mental disorder. My husband and I took her to a mental and he got tested but the doctors refused to tell us what was wrong with our son. We were given son pills which were to calm him down anytime he starts showing signs. These pills were so helpful for some time but things started getting worse when they finished because we did not have money to buy them again.”

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“He kept on showing symptoms of insaneness and his condition became serious day after day. We had nothing we could do again to help him again since we had spent all that we had. My son’s body keeps getting thinner and thinner. I give him food as usual but things are not going well with my son. My 10-year-old boy is aging too fast which adds sorry to my daily life.” She concluded.

This is very sad for this lady as she pleads for help. Up till now, What exactly is wrong with her son has not been identified yet as the doctors have refused to tell her the cause of all these.

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