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Jonathan, Gowon, Danjuma, Dark Mark And Other Leaders From Minority Ethnic Groups Are The Mercenaries Of Fulanization Agenda (Details below)



With due respect to ethnic minorities, and with no hate intended, it is important to admit that they are the number one mercenary of Fulanization agenda.

A typical individual from one of the ethnic minority groups in Nigeria is ready to sacrifice his ethnic identity because of one Nigeria. In their own view, Fulanization agenda does not mean anything to them because being minority they are already voiceless in the contraption called Nigeria or so they believe.

Therefore these minority groups assume that the only way they can become relevant is by advising Yorubas to stop thinking like Yorubas and Igbos to stop thinking like Igbos. They want everybody to come down to their level by bearing the Nigerian identity with pride and joy. They are all too aware that if they are able to destroy ethnic identities for the sake of one Nigeria, they can have a competitive advantage to become relevant within the contraption called Nigeria.

Jonathan, Gowon, Danjuma, David Mark etc. are all examples of such people. It doesn’ t matter if half of their ethnic groups are wiped out, they will still run to Abuja to demand for ” good governance” from Fulanis.

Any Yoruba man or woman thinking ethnic minorities have learnt any lesson in Nigeria, is joking. Ethnic minorities are just as ruthless as the Fulanis if given power.

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For selfish reasons, preservation of one Nigeria means more to them than the preservation of their own ethnic Nationalities. They are a people with no sense and consciousness of self preservation. Slaves who love their chains. They are the willing tools of the Fulanis.

The greatest advantage the Fulanis have is the tendency to put tribe over personal ambition. It is through this strength that they have been able to hoodwink other parts of the country with self seeking leaders who want Nigeria to remain one because of their selfish ambition.

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