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The Two Flags Always Seen Behind Buhari While Speaking, Do You Know What They Stand For? Read This (Details below)



One way or the other, we have all seen different occasions where the President of the country, Muhammadu Buhari, had to address the entire nation; either on public issues, or situations surrounding the affairs of the nation; and during the course of the speech, we should have all paid attention to some things about him. While we watch him on the Television, we would realize that there is always more than a flag behind him while he speaks, rather, there are two flags behind him.

Without much ado, what this readily means is that just as we know what the Nigeria flag stands for, it means that the second flag will have what it stands for. Definitely, we have those who have paid attention to it, and they have been seeing the flag behind him, yet, many of them don’t know what it stands for. Today, lots of people have given it their own opinion, and they’ve believed it to be something it’s not meant to be, hence, this is why we will be revealing what the flag stands for in this article.

We all know that the first flag comprises of 2 colours, which are green and white (consequently, 2 green colours and 1 white colour; green, white, green), and anywhere this flag is seen across the world, everyone knows it represents Nigeria.

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Explaining the main flag of the country, the green stripes represent the country’s natural wealth, which is fertility, and that readily points us to Agriculture; and on the other hand, the white stripe represents Peace.

Thus, the second flag, which is just beside the first one, is an horizontal band with tetra colour of red, black, white and green, and this is seen in the picture below.

Firstly, a question we will ask ourselves is what the flag represent, and then, we will ask why it’s always seen behind the President since that’s not the national flag.

Thus, a question we will answer now is that what does the flag represent?

The flag represent the President’s office as the Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces in the country (Nigeria), and that already points us to a position Buhari holds apart from the fact that he’s the President of the country.

So, while the National flag represent the fact that Muhammadu Buhari is the President of Nigeria, the other flag represent the fact that he’s the Commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Army. So, the President of Nigeria holds 2 offices in this country, hence, the flags will give us an idea about the power he commands as a person.

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Thus, regardless of the opinion we have had before, we should stick to the right meaning of the flag and not make any wrong assumption or misconception about it.