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Instead Of Stopping The Distribution Of Oil To The North, Here’s What The Southeast Should Do (Details below)



The recent ongoing saga between the North and the South, Southeast and east has caused a major reaction in Nigeria.

It was alleged that the northern states have blocked the movement of food items from the North to the south, the southeast, and the east and moving their food stocks to Benin and Cameroon.

The southeast and Co are making plans to block the distribution of crude oil to the northern state in retaliation but I don’ t think that’ s one of the best things to do now.

In as much as emotions are running high and the current tension in the state is making some of the leaders in the North, east, southeast and south make hasty decisions which will end ruining things the more.

There should be peace talks first because situations like this may lead to the breaking up of this country.

Many people in the southeast and east may be thinking that they can produce their foodstuff within a short period but it won’ t be possible if this continues for the rest of this year, the southeast doesn’ t produce many foodstuffs neither do they store enough foodstuff that can be enough for people in the southeastern part of the country and this will also increase the cost of living, the price of foodstuff will increase thrice the price and many people won’ t be able to afford what they’ re going to eat, this will lead to a hunger strike and it will take the southeast and the east more than 3 years to cultivate enough food that will go round.

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Although there are alternatives like importing foods from a neighboring country like Ghana, Benin, Cameron that would also double the cost of living, average people in the country who earns little or less will not be able to afford what to eat.

The right thing to do at the moment is to sit and talk things out with the leaders of the northern state, negotiate with them for the time being while we focus on agriculture, and start storing up food items too to avoid being caught off guard.

The situation of the country is hard already let’ s not make it harder for the average citizens.