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Forgive Me for Leaking Your [email protected] Photo, Take Me to Court if it Will Make You Feel ok’- Kwadwo Begs Annie (Photos below)



‘Forgive me for leaking your [email protected] photo, take me to court if it will make you feel ok’- Kwadwo begs Annie.

Since Annie’s [email protected] photo was leaked, one of the three guys fighting over her has asked Annie to forgive him and, if necessary, to take him to court. Since insulting and trolling Annie on Twitter, Kwadwo Piano has reportedly apologized for everything he’s done to her.

He’s also begged Annie to take him to court so he can pay for the harm he’s caused, but she can forgive him. Kwadwo Piano and the other two guys were pulled on Twitter for impregnating Annie and posting her [email protected] pictures on Twitter, according to the viral reports.

Many people chastised the three men for their immature behavior as a result of this.However, Kwadwo Piano, the mastermind behind the feud, has issued an apology to Annie.

He said this in a tweet.

Dear @Annie_lovve i know you’ve been hurt, wronged, let down, and now i stand with an apology. Feeling very remorse now.. The damage has already been caused and there is no where i can take time back. I’m deeply sorry i broke your trust.Let the law deal with me. 4gv me 1st.

I have nowhere to run to honestly. You know where to Find me. Thought i covered that sensitive part with an emoji in that post earlier on… Logged out on Twitter and later realized i have fucked up big time… Sorry

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