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2 Things Tinubu Needs To Do For The Yoruba People When He Gets Out Of This EFCC Problem (Details below)



The news of Tinubu’ s issue with the EFCC still remains a huge surprise to many people, because for someone like Bola Tinubu, many didn’ t expect to see him entangled with such.

People’ s Gazette had exclusively reported that EFCC had requested Tinubu’ s asset declaration documents from the Code of Conduct Bureau as part of the processes of his probe. Then, the investigation was handled by the present EFCC chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, who was the head of the Lagos zone office then.

What makes it this more disturbing is that if Tinubu ends up in a ” mess” because of this probe, then he might as well kiss his presidential ambition goodbye. And that is exactly what has been the major concern of many people, especially his supporters. What happens to his presidential ambition after this?

Another intriguing thing is the way Afenifere group has turned their back on him at this time. In a report which was made by the People’ s Gazette yesterday, the Pan- Yoruba socio- political organization, Afenifere, said that they are more concerned with the insecurity challenges the South- West is facing, and that they have no business with the current probe of the APC chieftain.

In a chat with Daily Independent, the national publicity secretary of the group, Yinka Odumakin, told Tinubu to sort himself out with the EFCC because the former Lagos State governor failed to stand up for the Yorubas at the time they needed him.

Odumakin said that the probe has nothing to do with the Afenifere group, that they are concerned with fighting banditry in the South- West. He said let them fight their corruption the way they want to fight it, adding that it has nothing to do with them, that it is internal politics.

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The Afenifere group Is the socio- political group of the Yoruba people, and many see it as the legitimate force that is serving the interest of the Yoruba people, and at the same time maintaining the influence of the Yorubaland in the mainstream of politics in Nigeria. They see it as the organization that is concerned with preserving the ethnic identity of the Yoruba race. And for such comments to come from them regarding Bola Tinubu, who happens to be one of the illustrious sons of Yorubaland alive, then this calls for deep questioning.

From the statements of the Afenifere group, it shows that Tinubu is probably not as popular among the Yoruba people as many of us think, and the reasons for that have been made clear by the group. If the Yoruba group cannot speak up for their son at this time, then there is probably a lot of water running under the bridge that some of us do not know about. And the question some of us need to ask is whether Tinubu is still the ” Jagaban” that we knew him to be.

There is a saying that life comes in different phases, and I hope this phase will come with a lot of eye- opening lessons for the ” Jagaban” . And in my own opinion, there are 2 things he needs to do for the Yoruba people once he gets out of this EFCC mess, if he wants his place among the Yoruba race to remain unchallenged.

1. He needs to speak up more for the Yoruba people.

There are few Yoruba people alive who have the kind of political structure that Bola Tinubu has, but it is sometimes ironical that he does not speak up for the Yoruba people when the opportunity comes.

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Tinubu came under heavy criticism some weeks ago following the Fulani herdsmen crisis in the South- West. Many blasted him for refusing to speak up when his people were being killed in their numbers in their own land by the Fulani herdsmen. People expected him to speak up and defend his people, but he didn’ t. Some people speculated that he was silent because of his 2023 presidential election, because he probably did not want to step on some people’ s toes. But it now appears that his silence has cost him the love and support of some Yoruba persons.

So this should be a lesson for him. He needs to understand that your people are your closest family, and they are the ones who will be there for you when others are against you. So he needs to learn to speak up for his people when the occasion demands.

2. He needs to develop a stronger relationship with his Yoruba people.

From Afenifere’ s statement, it is clear that Tinubu really needs to work on his relationship with his people. If they can allow him to sort out his own issues alone at this time, then this calls for deep reasoning.

With the 2023 presidential election just a couple of years from now, this phase should be an eye- opener for Tinubu. If he wants to get the support of the entire South- West ahead of the election, then he needs to do these two things for his people.

What do you think about Tinubu? Do you think he is someone that is loved by the entire South- West? After telling us your thoughts on the issue, also share the article so that others can contribute too.