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#JusticeForIjeoma: Mercy Eke goes emotional as she shares sad story of late make-up artist, Ijeoma



Mercy Eke has shared a sad story of late make up artist, Ijeoma Neke who was killed by two siblings over a man..

Mercy Eke, while crying out for justice for the late make-up artist, disclosed that Ijeoma was her coursemate and a very brilliant young woman.

Mercy wrote;

“Ijeoma neke was my coursemate💔a very brilliant young woman, she graduated with a 2/1. ijeoma was one of the best in my department( psychology Dept .2010/2014) we always tease each other and I will tell her “girl you must work in my rehabilitation center 💔#JusticeForIjeoma.

And she will say mercy this department doesn’t fit you😤 and we will laugh over it, when I heard she was missing we hopped and prayed they find her alive, my heart is pleading💔 we want justice, just must be served🙏🏾 #JusticeForIjeoma”.