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What It Means To See Yourself Making Love In Your Dream, Number 2 Is Important (Details below)



At a point in your life, you must have seen yourself making love in your dreams. This has happened to so many at one point in their existence. This is common more with teenagers and young adults as well. Seeing yourself making love in your sleep has a lot of meanings. Most especially it means evil looming or bad things spiritually. In Africa, this is very bad as it is stagged to so many things and many meanings given to it.

However, this could also mean something that your physical body desires, so the physical meaning of what this means won’ t be ruled out of this article. We all have desires, and desires are what drives so many of us.

The human body and mind sometimes desire some wants and for these desires to complete the mind wanders in so many ways beyond human understanding many at times. We might be ignoring it but the mind brings us to that same point of what it wants at some point in time. Dreams are powerful to the human body and world.

Dreams can tell us the future and can also be the reflection of our wants, desires, and mind. Either way, it tells us what is about to happen, what is happening, and what our mind wants us to know. Have you ever had a dream or was sleeping and saw yourself making love in your sleep or someone told you that before? Here is what it means to see yourself making love in your sleep.

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1. Spiritual Husband or Wife

Spiritually this will make sense to many people. I have heard so many women and men complained about someone making love to them or them making love to someone else while sleeping or they feeling like they made love in their sleep. Yes, spiritual husband and wife do make this happen many times. This takes place in the spirit realm and can only be controlled over there. In case you don’ t know what a spiritual husband or wife means, it means a spiritual being who assumes the place of a physical husband or wife and makes love to you spiritually like a normal human being.

Such beings don’ t come out physically, they only exist spiritually and they cause havoc in your life when they are attached to you that way. When you have any of these experiences and it’ s being constant or rampant you need to break free. It means there is a spiritual being who assumes the place of a married partner in your life and that will make marriage difficult for you physically or make things hard for you and your partner in real life.

2. Your Mind and Desire

In this case, you might be desiring to have a particular person make love to you, or you desiring for s- e- x with someone you have a crush on or like in your mind. This occurs when the urge is strong and you are not being able to control it until you have it done or in place. This las no spiritual meaning many times unless it is becoming rampant and consistent as the case may be. This is your body wants and your mind desires and nothing more than that.

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Do you experience this at any point in your life? If it is constant and rampant considering talking about it to God and lifting yourself from any form of spiritual being. Drop your comments and follow for more updates.