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SHOCKING: See List Of Countries Most Affected By False Prophets (Details below)



When the Bible says goodness and mercies shall follow us, many are going about following goodness and mercies. They are busy going after signs and wonders when the Bible says ” I am a wonder to my generation” , they go after prophesies when the Bible says ” The true prophecy is the word of God’ .

That is the reason why fake pastors keep misbehaving. People are eager to see miracles and will spend whatever to meet these so- called pastors. The fact that people are willing to spend much on these false prophets has also led to the increase in the number of false in the society.

When you signs in a pastor that are contrary to the Bible, then it is an indication to back out.

See the pictures, you’ ll see a false prophet opening a lady’ s pant in front of the church during service to check what? ! You’ ll also notice another one laying his hands on the breast and private part of a lady. What happened to the head that he could not lay his hands there? ! Where did the scriptures indicate that hands could be laid on breasts and private parts.

Another one is busy using beer as a means of deliverance.

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We have even seen pastors telling members to go eat grass. Another one told the members to eat the hair of a lady he was delivering.

We have seen a lot of the acts of fake pastor’ s in our society today and we keep on seeing more. They have not ended because men are so ignorant these days. I even wonder if many still read their Bibles.

List of Countries most affected by false prophets

1. South Africa

2. Ghana

3. Nigeria

4. Sierra Leone

5. English- speaking African countries.

Countries that usually fall victims of fake pastors are: South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, e. t. c. South Africa particularly has been like a manufacturing company of false prophets. Most of these false prophets come from English- speaking African countries.

When you see a so- called pastor or man- of- God portraying attributes contrary to what the Bible says, the he is not of God.