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See The Community That Lives With The Bodies of Their Dead Loved Ones and Believes That They Are Not Dead But Are in Deep Sleep



Different people have different ways to which they handle their loved ones after they’ve passed on.

For example in Africa, the dead bodies are so much feared by the living and they’re immediately buried in a more respectful way

Like many cultural customs, paying respect to ancestors doesn’t end at the burial for Torajans.

Families hold second funerals called ma’nene’ every few years where they clean the tombs, change the deceased’s outfit with fresh clothes, and provide snacks and cigarettes.

The Toraja of Sulawesi keep the bodies of the deceased in their homes for as long as a few years, believing “that a dead person who is still at home is still at home is in a prolonged sleep and not dead.

When a loved one passes away, the family members treat the body as if the person were still alive.

They describe death as prolonged sleep. Torajans take the utmost care of the body, cleaning it and brushing off dirt, changing its clothes, praying with it, feeding it, and leaving the lights on in the evening.

“We are not afraid of the dead body because our love for our ancestors is much greater than our fear,” a relative of one of the deceased says the members of the TORAJANS community

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Besides wanting to keep their loved ones near, they also want to push off funerals so as many relatives as possible can attend.

A Torajan funeral is usually held in August and is considered a massive celebration.

There’s music, a feast of pork, vegetable, and rice for hundreds of gathered family and friends, and an ornate wooden bier called duba duba to transport the body is used to carry out the bodies.

Image of the torajans with the dead body

In this ritual , buffalo are sacred creatures used for currency and vehicles in the afterlife.

The higher the number and best quality buffalo a family can acquire for a funeral the better.

Therefore it’s of great obligations to the people of a certain family of the deceased to bring the best and great numbers of the buffalo while performing the rituals.
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