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See More DETAILS, PHOTOS Of Sambisa Forest, Where Shekau Allegedly Shot Himself Dead (Photos below)



The Sambisa Forest is located in Borno State, Nigeria’ s north- eastern area. The terrorism of Boko Haram has made it well- known to the majority of people that Boko Haram is a militant group that has waged a deadly war against the Nigerian military in an attempt to enforce their religious order on the country’ s secular government.

People have forgotten that the Sambisa forest was once a game reserve that attracted terrorists from all over the world and bringing cash to them in Nigeria.

In 1958, the British government declared Sambisa Forest as a forest reserve. The British colonial authorities left the Sambisa woodland Nigeria as a legacy.

The National Game Reserve was founded in 1977 as a preserve and a revenue generator for the government.

According to the news gathered from multiple sources, the army has found it difficult to approach this forest in recent years, so air force personnel were dispatched to target this group using intelligence and satellite imagery.

After capturing the forests, The team air force intelligence team decided to bomb Boko Haram fighters.

Below are more photos of Sambisa forests where Shekau was captured by ISWAP