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US Election: ‘Little Pimp’? Trump Mistakes Name of rapper Lil Pump at Final Campaign Rally



At his last campaign in Michigan for his re-election as American president, President Donald made the headings after mistaking rapper Lil Pump name as Little Pimp..

Lil Pump endorsed Donald Trump last week after posting a video on social media.

Trump in his introduction of the rapper said; “One of the big superstars of the world, ‘Little Pimp“pointing to the rapper, who was standing below the stage. He then half-corrected himself, inviting the musician onstage: “Come on, Little Pump, come on.”

When the rapper took the stage, he thanked the president for bringing the troops home and doing the right thing. “Do not vote for ‘Sleepy Joe’ at all!” the rapper exclaimed to the cheers of Michiganders, referring to Trump’s opponent Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

The mistake of Trump mentioning the rapper’s name well called a whole of troll on Twitter as many believe the president doesnt even know the rapper well.

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