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An Igbo Man Won’t Be President Of This Country In The Next 100 Years & More _ See Reasons Below



It’ll be impossible for anyone who truly knows and understand the history of this great country Nigeria to argue with the words of Mr Kelvin Odanz. Nigeria is made of three linguistic groups which are the Hausa, Youruba and the Igbo. Every other language falls into these three categories and out of all of these three, only the Igbos have never had a man or woman as the President of the great Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is owing to many many factors that i wouldn’t want to highlight in this article. But the sad and bitter truth of the matter is that, it’ll be very hard for an Igbo person to be President. Winning a presidential race takes winning from at least all geopolitical zones and its hard to see an Igbo person winning in most Northern States. If you know history well enough, i don’t need to say much on this.

However, this statement by Mr Odanz was brought up as a result of some analysis he was having with one “Oloye” on the 2023 presidential election. Oloye posted on his twitter account that he’ll love to see a Peter Obi/Seyi Makinde for president come 2023 and Mr Odanz engaged his tweet.

See the screenshot of their very spot on analysis on 2023.

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After Mr Odanz made his tweet where he said this;

“An Igbo man won’t be President of this country in the next 100 years and more. At least not Nigeria. Maybe another fragmented country where Hausas and Igbos don’t share same National identity”

He caused a lot of reactions from Igbos, Hausas and Yorubas as they each gave their own opinion on the topic. Most people agreed with Odanz even though they were Igbos, they know history and history can never be erased.

See People’s Reactions

Some believe that the fact that Atiku had Peter Obi as his running mate in the last election cost him to lose in most Northern states.

What do you think about this ?