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US Election: Trump Goes After Fox News On Live TV (Video)



American president Donald Trump seems to have a big problem with Fox News network for given more audience to Democrats as he takes the fight to them on live television..

Trump was called on phone on Fox and Friends to give his take on what former president Barrack Obama said about he (Trump) spreading COVID-19 through his big rallies rather than caring for the safety of his people.

Trump in his response stated;

“Fortunately…[Obama is] not getting anybody to go listen to him too much,” Trump said. “Actually, Fox puts him on more than anybody else, which is sort of shocking to me, because Fox has changed a lot.

Somebody said, ‘what’s the biggest difference between this and four years ago?’ and I say, Fox, it’s much different now… Fox is a much different place in terms of politics.”

Co-host of the show Ainsley Earhardt tried to defend the network as well before being drowned out by Steve Doocy, who parroted one of Fox News’s slogans: “We report, they decide!”

Trump continued;

“Well, in the old days, they wouldn’t put—you know—they wouldn’t put Sleepy Joe Biden on every time they open his mouth,” he said. They had other networks for that, frankly. It was run—much different operation, I’m just telling you, it was much different.

“You had a period of time…where you had Democrats on more than Republicans,” Trump continued. “Look, it’s different, and I’m not complaining, I’m just telling people…”

Watch the video below;

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