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US Election 2020: Biden wins two more states, widens lead over Trump



The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has extended his lead over the incumbent President and candidate of the Republican party, Donald Trump after winning in Michigan Wisconsin.

Biden polled 2,622,108, representing 49.7% of the vote in Michigan against Trump’s 2,576,727 which is 48.8%..

He also won Wisconsin with 49.6 per cent of the vote to Trump’s 48.9 per cent.

270 Electoral College votes are the exact number needed to win the election but there are still votes from other states left to count.

Back in 2016, Trump won Michigan by just 0.2 percentage points.

Joe Biden also won Wisconsin with 1,630,396 being 49.6% while Trump scored 1,609,879, 48.9%.

Both are typically blue states President Donald Trump flipped from the Democrats in 2016 when he defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The two wins put Biden on the verge of clinching a victory, even without a decision in the third battleground state of Pennsylvania.

The president’s campaign is calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to halt vote counting in Pennsylvania and is asking for a recount in Wisconsin.