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SHOCKING: Wizard Returning From Witches Gathering Run Out Of Fuel, Crash Lands On Roof Top (Details And Video below)



On his way back home from witches gathering, a wizard crashed landed and spent the night on someone’s roof in Ethiope-East LGA of Delta State.
Residents of the area found the wizard identified as Omamuyovwi with N100 in his hand on Saturday November 28.

Furious indigenes gave him a thorough beating with plantain leaves and was about setting him ablaze when vigilante came to his rescue.

The wizard confessed to many atrocities he had committed against God and man after the vigilante group took him to his family compound.

Narrating how he crashed landed on the roof, said he was being chased by a deity(Igberhe juju), from the witches gathering, when he ran out of fuel and crash-landed.

On the N100 in his hand, he reveal that he was going to refill his craft, when he was caught on the rooftop.

watch video:

This was also a case of a woman that crashed on her way from the witches coven of witches gathering earlier this year. She crashed landed and spent the night on the someone’s roof which was really disgraceful for her.