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Igbo Boy Makes Nigeria Proud After Constructing An ATM Machine That Allegedly Dispense Cash (Photos)



A Nigerian boy of Ibo heritage has made Nigerians proud after he allegedly contracted an ATM machine that can dispense cash.

Just recently, a video of the young boy went viral on Twitter, in the video, an unknown interviewer was recording a conversation he had with the young Igbo boy who by the name Chigozie.

The young boy who is barely 11 years was asked what he constructed, the young boy replied that he constructed an ATM machine.

It is shocking but true, the ATM machine allegedly works like the heavily built machines we see close to banks. His machine is being powered by an electric battery, the battery serves as an external source that makes the machine dispense cash.

When the boy was asked to test the machine, he brought out his battery and power the machine that is made of carton, surprising, the machine started dispensing cash. It was exciting to see such a gift. This young boy has proven that there are hidden potentials in this country that are yet to be discovered.

His wonderful work actually deserves an accoade, if the government should create doors of opportunities to explore potential in kids, then, our country can be like China, the USA, and the rest developed countries out there.

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