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Lady Collapses After 3 Hours Of Non-Stop S-x With Boyfriend (Video)



A video making rounds on social media captures a Nigerian woman lying unconscious on the ground after 3 hours of lovemaking with her boyfriend.

In the video privy to Edujandon, the woman was lying down as her distraught boyfriend explained what really caused the collapse.

Deducing from the video, the lady collapsed following 10 rounds of s-x with boyfriend who took some herbal medicine for sexual enhancement.

According to the boyfriend, it was his girlfriend who even suggested that he takes some male herbal enhancement pills to last longer in bed since he mostly lasts 3 minutes during sexual intercourse.

The lady who couldn’t endure 3 hours of s-x collapsed whiles in the act and his boyfriend brought her out to seek help from his neighbours to help him revive his girlfriend.

In the video, the man’s ‘manh00d’ was still erected and ready for action and not even the situation of his girlfriend could calm it down.

The lady eventually was revived by neighbours and could be heard saying that she can no longer have s-x again with her boyfriend after 10 rounds of sex.

Watch the video below:

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