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Here Are Possible Reasons Why Most Ladies Scream during Bedtime (Details below)



Marriages and relationships have ups and downs. Marriages are hard to maintain nowadays due to different reasons. The major problem affecting marriages and relationships nowadays is cheating. Another problem is misunderstanding between couples. We have seen even the known celebrities suffer a these problems. The most recently hit couples being Bahati and Diana who are alleged to have separated.

Bedroom affairs have always played a key role in cheating. Many marriages fail when couples start cheating. Cheating is majorly attributed to bedroom affairs. Maybe one of the couples is not well satisfied in bed. See a video of happy couples enjoying marriage.

As neighbors, you might have heard a woman screaming some funny cry. This is not a cry of being beaten but a cry during s3x. During bedtime, some ladies fail to control themselves and scream aloud. It might not even be your neighbor but you the reader of this article. As a man, if you see your lady screaming during bedtime, here are the two possible reasons.

The first reason is that there is too much sweetness. When s3x becomes too sweet, most women scream because they fail to control themselves. The sweetness makes most ladies to lose control and in turn scream uncontrollably. In this situation, as a man, you have no option but to accept the situation.

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The second possible reason for this screams is that the woman is in pain. When a woman feels too much pain during bedtimes, she has no option but to scream. As a man, please stop and let your woman rest. The pain that comes due to too much friction or other reasons is very painful. Its advisable you take a break and continue later.

Now that you know why most ladies scream in bed, please try to understand when it happens. Please share out for others to know too.