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Are They Humans Really! Meet The Most Dangerous Tribe Of Africa With A Barbaric Culture – See Photos below



Africa is made up of very many tribes. Like Kenya alone there are 42 tribes. Different tribes have their varied cultures and traditional practices that makes them unique. At the same time, some tribes are very hostile while others are very welcoming to visitors. In Kenya for example, pokot are known for being very hostile while the costal tribes of Kenya are known for being welcoming to visitors.

In Ethiopia, there is a very hostile tribe with very unique culture. The fact that the tribe is very hostile towards other tribes, Makes them live alone in a national park and visitors have to be accompanied by security to visit them.

The Mursi or Mun tribe is a small ethnic group in Ethiopia with a population of about 11, 500 people. They live in the most remote place in Ethiopia, Mago National Park. They are referred to be the most dangerous ethnic group in Africa because of their attitude towards outsiders and their culture.

The clay plate tradition is a sign that signifies the beauty and value of women in that community. The large the plate the more beauty the woman is and the more bride price a Man will pay during Marriage. As a young girl approaches adulthood about 15 to 16 years of age, she is cut in her lower lip to form a loop like ring of the lip muscles. It is extended and stretched with time as it heals to accommodate a small clay plate.

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This tribe is very dangerous because they have killed many people who tried to visit them without permission. They also have a bad attitude towards other people and are very unwelcoming. You cannot visit this tribe without permission and security. There barbaric culture towards the female is one thing that makes them dangerous too. See some of the photos of the barbaric culture towards females.

See Photos below: