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‘Please, I Beg You All’ – Desmond Elliot Nearly Shed Tears After Being Accused Of Supporting Social Media Bill



It is quite known that the massacre which took place at Lekki during the EndSARS protest is a very sensitive issue to discuss. A lot of lives were lost that day and people are trying to make sure those who were killed get justice.

Since the incident happened, aggrieved persons have been pointing fingers from one person to the order in a bid to lay blame.

It is known that Desmond Elliot is a member of the state House of Assembly in Lagos and after one of their recent sittings, he has come out to make a video to correct a wrong impression being created about him.

In the video, Desmond Elliott almost broke down in tears as he narrated that someone named Dr Olufunmilayo on Twitter accused him of trying to initiate a bill that regulates the use of social media in Nigeria in a bid to help cover up the Lekki incident.

Desmond Elliot then explained that he never tried to initiate such a bill and that it is practically impossible to do that from the State House of Assembly because bills like that are under the “Exclusive list” which rests solely on the Federal Government.

After that, Desmond Elliot cautioned the said Dr Olufumilayo who instigated the rumor for not waiting to get clear confirmation before spreading such a rumour. He went further to say that the only thing he said concerning social media is that celebrities and influencers should be careful of the message they pass across due to the sensitivity of the EndSARS protest.

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Nigerians however reacted differently to the video. While some sympathized with Desmond Elliot, others felt he was simply acting because he was ‘once an actor and would always remain an actor’.

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