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I Have Slept with 5,000 Men Including MPs, Leaders of State and Musicians; Slay Queen Reveals -[SEE PHOTO]



Interestingly, Edujandon has convened a revelation made by a retired slay queen who caused many tongues waging unceasingly due to the her use of black magic.

Per the what our portal gathered she admits using dark sorcery on her private part and menses to cook for rich men in order to control them and whatever she would ask from the men they will do without hesitation.

Sandra uncovered that she began laying down with little fellows in a burial ground at eight years old when her mom kicked the bucket.

As per her, her excursion to Accra was the start of her “Kill Queen” life since she used to work in a club that had rich men and these rich men used to lay down with her in return for cash.

She additionally uncovered that most kill Queens out there have clear-cut advantages they use in enchanting rich men into laying down with them.

I have a gathering of women I used to work with and once in a while we will go for powers under the ocean where we will be offered snakes to place in our reproductive organs so any man we laid down with will do anything we desired.

A portion of the dark wizardry we go for come as midsection dots, anklets, rings, make-up, and even lipstick. Some of the time we go similarly as utilizing particular sorts of bread to tire our abdomen to keep a few men from discharging particularly when we hate them

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Miss Sandra proceeded to add the 5000 men she laid down with included MPs, Musicians, drug masters, misrepresentation young men, Occultist, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

She added that youngsters must be more determined and cautious about the sort of men they dated.

She likewise encouraged men to figure out how to adhere to their spouses on the grounds that there isn’t anything unique about different ladies they lay down with.