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It Was Just the 2 of Us on the bed and He did nothing the whole night! Is He Gay?



A woman who visited her crush she had met on Social media using her cousin’s phone shares how she was treated after catfishing the guy online.

According to the woman she was using her cousin Twitter account when she fell in love with the guy. She did not have a chance to tell the guy that she was not the one on the profile picture.

They decided to meet at the guys place for the first time. When she arrived at the guy’s place, the guy was surprised to see that she is not the same woman he was chatting with.

The lady explained that she was using her cousins account but the guy did not give her a chance to tell him that she was not the

one on the profile picture.

The guy was disappointed but it was already late for the lady to return home because she had used a taxi to go there. The guy insisted that she sleep at his place for the night.

She thought that he guy was also falling in love with her. To her surprise the guy did not touch her even once till morning.