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Yahoo Boy Arrested For Scamming Two Texas Women The Sum Of $78,000 (Photo)



The long arm of the law has finally caught up with a Nigerian fraudster after he defrauded two women the sum of $78,000.
A Nigerian fraudster has been arrested in Atlanta Georgia last Friday morning in connection to online scams in El Paso County, Texas.

Officials with the El Paso County Sheriff’s office said the suspect, Kelly Itive allegedly convinced two women to send him $78,000 over the internet.

Police said Itive was posing as a middle aged white man with an engineering background while he was committing the scams.

Between April of 2017 and February of 2018, investigators said Itive used fake bank websites to convince the women to send him money and had no intentions of paying them back.

Itive is originally from Nigeria and came to United States in early 2017 on a student visa. Investigators said Itive immediately started the scams when he arrived.

Itive was taken into custody on Friday morning and will be scheduled for extradition back to Colorado to face charges of Theft and Criminal Impersonation.

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