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England fans go wild over World Cup win (Photos)



Fans back home erupted in celebration and the beer went flying as England reached the World Cup semi – finals for the first time in 28 years on Saturday .At Flat Iron Square in London , where 650 people crammed in to watch on a giant screen , the party began with beer showers and chants of “ Football ’ s coming home ” after the 2 – 0 win over Sweden in Russia .

Friends leapt on one another ’ s shoulders to belt out the song from the 1996 European Championships , an uplifting Britpop anthem of maintaining hope against precedent.

People dance on a NHS ambulance as fans celebrate in the street beside Borough Market after England’s win over Sweden in the Russia 2018 World Cup quarter-final football match, in London on July 7, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Tolga AKMEN

“ I ’ ve been going thirsty to the well of pain for a long time , ” said long -suffering fan Stephen Walter , 42 , from north London .

“ Now we ’ re a well – organised team , there ’ s a good feeling all round , the flags are flying again . The stars seem to be aligned !”

Steve Richardson , 50 , a sales director from Cambridge in eastern England , said he told his 22 – year – old son he would “ never experience this again in his lifetime, let alone mine .

“ We could actually win this . This is exactly what the country needs . I absolutely believe we will be world champions .

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“ I ’ ve seen it for 50 years and we ’ ve always fallen . This is it !”

– Three long decades –

The last time England reached a World Cup semi – final was at Italy 1990 , when 16 of the current squad were not even born.

It was closer in time to England ’ s 1966 World Cup triumph than today .

Margaret Thatcher was Britain ’ s prime minister . Phones were coin – operated , came in red boxes and people queued to use them .

The 1990 squad starred Gary Lineker , John Barnes , Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne . Peter Shilton , England ’ s goalkeeper then , is now 68 .

In Flat Iron Square , in scenes mirrored across the country , many had the England flag — Saint George ’ s red cross on white — painted on their cheeks , and while many men wore replica England shirts , many more stripped off in the baking 30 degrees Celsius ( 86 degrees Fahrenheit) heat.

An air horn went off to cheers at the first appearance of the teams in the tunnel and “ God Save The Queen ” was belted out in a full- throated rendition .

A tight first quarter quietened the mood but the place erupted in the 30 th minute when Harry Maguire headed in England ’ s opening goal with beer flying everywhere , gallons raining down as people roared in celebration .

At half – time , Camilla Mosley , 24 , from London , said : “ If we win the World Cup, I will shower in beer for the rest of the year . ”

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– ‘England till I die !’ –

She did not have to wait long for the next dousing when Dele Alli doubled England ’ s lead and the drinks went flying once again and people clambered on the tables as they bounced around in delight .

The goal triggered chants of “ I ’ m England till I die ” and as full- time approached , any nervousness evaporated and the party could really begin .

At the final whistle , people bounced erupted in wild jubilation once again, with beer , clothes, barriers and bodies tumbling to another deafening chorus of “ Football ’ s coming home !” as flares went off and passing truck drivers honked their horns .

“ I ’ ve never seen us so good . This is something different . The whole nation is going crazy . It ’ s chaos . I ’ ve never been so soaked in beer !” said south Londoner Tony, who turns 28 on Sunday .

Adam Clayton , 38 , wearing a replica of Gascoigne ’ s 19 shirt from the 1990 World Cup, recalled the long wait to let rip .

“ Words can ’ t describe it . It ’ s insane . I think it is actually coming home ! I seriously believe so! Many a tear . We ’ ve had a nice run of the draw , which is right for England after the terrible times we ’ ve had , ” the Arsenal fan said .

Public relations worker Tania Burnham , 27 , said : “ The atmosphere is amazing . I ’ m covered in beer , but I ’ ll take it because it ’ s coming home . ”