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Very Bad Habits Christians Have To Drop With Immediate Effect 



​Christians are known for doing some good things: feeding the hungary,Clothing the clothless, caring for the poor and sick people around them, uplifting the downtrodden, fighting for justice and many other feats of love we see them do around, however, some Christians also own a poor reputation for numerous bad habits. Here is a list of six things Christian must stop doing

  • Being Judgmental

Being Judgemental is on e of the deadly habits Jesus repeatedly warns His followers not to do. Despite the numerous teachingbs of Jesus against being judgemente, many Christians mistakenly assume that withholding judgment is a form of accepting, condoning and even affirming sin. But judgment from Christians doesn’t determine whether a particular belief, action or lifestyle is either wrong or right in the eyes of God.

  • Predicting the Future

Being a christian means that you believe in God and his only begotten Son as taught in the holy bible. The Gospel message of Christ’s love is often overshadowed by misguided Christians who make predictions and “prophecies” on political affairs, planetary alignments, environmental phenomena, current events, natural disasters, the Antichrist, End Times and the Apocalypse. When this happens, they inevitably blame a particular person or people group they assume are responsible for God’s wrath, and are actually participating in a sinful form of divination, fear-mongering and dishonesty.

  • Overcomplicating the Love of Jesus

There comes a point, unfortunately, in the Christian journey when many start to feel bored, unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the unglamorous task of loving others. this is because their leaders have made it very complicating to be a believer, they make christianity look likes its a pot of bitter soup that has to be licked cold. Fine It requires sacrifice, humility, service, patience, forgiveness and lots of love to live well either as a moralist or Christian. Christianity is sweet and should be done with little or no complication. God wants you to be happy so seek to know more with a open but not complicated mind.

  • Posting Garbage on Social Media
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The clickbait links, offensive political memes, self-righteous condemnations of others, bitter theological rants, and out-of-context Bible excerpts cause more harm than good.Posting vitriolic, superficial, and offensive content on our Facebook feeds and Twitter accounts doesn’t glorify God. Before posting anything, stop and think: “Is this true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind?” See lete me tell you this, That it sounds religious doesn’t make it good and worthy of emulation, infact being religious is not equal to being Righteous.Ultimately, Jesus is what Christianity is all about, not political platforms, doctrinal disagreements, online religious commentary or ominous prophecies.

  • Being Hypocritical

It’s easy to talk about God, argue theological issues and post about faith issues on all sorts of communication platforms. But in order to follow Christ, we are required to actually put our words into actions. As the old adage goes, we must practice what we preach.Unfortunately, too many Christians talk about Christ’s love without actually being loving. Meanwhile, the rest of world witnesses this obvious contradiction and simply stops listening.

  • Being Closed-Minded

The problems listed above are often caused by being closed-minded—not considering, acknowledging or even dialoguing with the infinite amount of diverse factors that exist beyond our own limited experiences. A wise man increases in knowledge, you have to be ready to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn as you can not do above what you know.When cultural, ethnic, racial, socio-economic, emotional, intellectual, experiential, age-specific and gender-specific factors are ignored, rejected or simply undetected, Christians foolishly cut themselves off from a vast resource of wisdom and insight.

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In the same way, some believers continue to dismiss science, education and any form of “outside” information that originates beyond the realm of Christendom. Doing so leads to woeful ignorance, irrelevance and an immoral sense of exclusivism. Although Christians are guilty of doing all of these things and more, it’s vitally important to differentiate between Christ and Christian culture—they aren’t the same thing. Ultimately, Jesus is what Christianity is all about, not political platforms, doctrinal disagreements, online religious commentary or ominous prophecies. When all else fails, we must do our best to emulate the life of Christ—loving the world around us to the best of our ability… 

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