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Chukwumerije Warns Against Another Civil War



The senator representing Abia North senatorial zone, Comrade Uche Chukwumerije has condemned the renewed attack by the Boko Haram insurgents in the North East .
Senator Chukwumerije, who was apparently reacting to the Tuesday’s twins bomb attacks in Maiduguri, Borno state where about 69 Nigerians were reported to have died, warned that Nigeria cannot afford another civil war within the short space of time.
While calling for moderation among the political class as they strive for power in the coming general election, the senator said that hurling of abuses on the nation’s leaders all in the attempt at getting power at all cost is capable of derailing the political process.
The chairman senate committee on education told news men in Abuja that the unfortunate attack last Tuesday was one too many and a sign that evil men are working tirelessly to truncate the 2015 general election.
He said, “In Maiduguri earlier this week, two young girls in their prime, against their wishes were forced to detonate bombs that claimed lives of many Nigerians. Similar attacks have also been witnessed in the recent past, in a renewed attempt to frustrate the general election.
“But more than ever, Nigerians across the regions are determined to take their destiny into their hands. No amount of intimidation by these agents of darkness can disunite Nigeria again.
“We fought a thirty month civil war and the imprints are still there, and Nigerians are determined never ever to witness a civil war experience again.”
The senator who has been cleared to contest for the senate seat for the record fourth time also said that his achievement in the legislature speaks for itself and the Abia North and the entire South East will continue to benefit from his wealth of experience.
He said, “I am aware that a few mischievous politicians from Abia North are disenchanted by my colossal achievements, massive support from the people, from the ohaneze as well as the endorsement by our party, the Peoples Democratic Party, but no amount of protest from the insignificant few can obliterate the goodwill of the people.
“Several thousand voters from Abia North will not be bothered by a mere protest from 43 uninfluential politicians or an advertorial by fictitious Igbo Youths body that I leant is being bankrolled by an aspirant. The people are not blind, they want to know the pedigree, the antecedents of these aspirants. And if I may ask, when have age and experience become impediments to legislative excellence
“The numerous roads I attracted across Abia North are there. I have attracted water schemes, sponsored skills acquisition, given scholarships to students, employment opportunities to graduates and empowered several tens of thousands of women and youths of the constituency and the people are not tired of these dividends, that is why they want me.”

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