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"Women Love Attention Not Money"- Desmond Elliot.



Nollywood actor and producer, Desmond Elliot, has revealed that the secret to a long lasting married is through understanding the next person and giving attention.
According to the actor, every woman needs attention and security but men only think and pursue money.
“Basically, it’s understanding. We must all understand that the make of a man is totally different from the make of a woman. A man must understand the priorities of a woman,” he stated.
“Women love attention, they want to know that they are loved and there is security but for a man, all he is thinking about is money, while a woman knows that though you still need to provide for the family, she would still crave for attention. A man sees the question’ how are you as how are you’ but a woman sees how are you in three different ways. She begins to think, okay, why is he asking me how I am? At what time is he asking how are you? Did one word come before the other?” He pointed.
Do you agree with him?

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