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Two Women Caught Red-handed Breastfeeding a Drunk Man At Night After Drinking in a Club, Arrested



Two women in Thika town popularly referred to as Mchele babes, left people in shock after doing an unexpected act to a man they were making merry with.

The women who were having fan at VSpot Nightlife have been detained for allegedly stupefying a male patron. The club supervisor first spotted the duo forcefully escorting a seemingly inebriated regular to his Toyota Crown, placing him in the driver’s seat despite his condition.

The situation escalated when one of the women was seen spraying an unknown substance on herself and inducing the unconscious man to “breastfeed.” The supervisor, with the help of colleagues, intervened, preventing the women from escaping with the victim’s ATM cards and personal documents.

Upon the arrival of the police from Thika station, the man was found passed out in his vehicle, with a bottle of alcohol nearby showing a suspicious white precipitate. Additional tablets of an unidentified drug were discovered on the women.

The suspects were promptly re-arrested and confined to cells, while the drugged man received medical attention at a local hospital. The collected evidence has been forwarded to the government chemist for thorough analysis.

Men who may be targeted by such predatory criminals have been urged to be on the look out not to fall prey of the situation that has reemerged after days of being dormant. These offenders often lurk in the shadows of bars, preying on unsuspecting customers with substantial financial means. They employ seductive tactics to drug their victims and abscond with their valuables.

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Tragically, there have been instances where such stupefying acts have led to fatalities. The public is urged to exercise caution and to socialize within a trusted circle of friends who can offer protection against potential threats. It is essential to stay alert and aware of one’s surroundings to prevent falling prey to these dangerous and deceptive criminals.

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