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“I went on my knees and prayed for my son to die because…” Mother painfully confesses



Children are blessings from the Almighty to parents and always bring happiness to the families they are born into. Today, I bring you an emotional story of a mother, Rose Atieno Angira.

According to an interview with Lynn Ngugi on her LNS show on YouTube, Rose is a proud mother of a handsome baby boy, Eli, who is 7 years old. Unfortunately, Eli has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

However, Rose found out she was pregnant at 2 months and she had separated from the father of her baby. But, Atieno had a smooth pregnancy. Rose gave birth to a baby who was blue and was put on oxygen because he had mild breathing problems.

Unfortunately, the doctor told Atieno that he had tried what he can and told her that the baby could not survive a third day. After some months, Rose’s baby Eli could not hold anything and when she went to the pediatrician she was told that the baby had cerebral palsy and epilepsy and had to start therapy. However, Rose decided to go to the hospital where she gave birth to seek answers but was harassed by the doctor and was told never to go there again.

Atieno went back home broken and wanted to commit suicide since she was not ready to face the society and raising a son who was from a different race and disabled child and also as a single mum. Rose could not do anything because the time she would even start preparing food the baby would start convulsing.

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Unfortunately, there was a time baby Eli convulsed too much and Rose went down on her knees and told God to take her son because she was tired. But Eli did not die and so Atieno decided to commit suicide the second time and went to the shop to buy rat poison. However, she sat at the shopkeeper’s bench and cried and after bought milk and bread and went back home.

Rose continued to take baby Eli for therapy and that is where she met other parents who have babies with the same condition as hers. They started talking and even built a WhatsApp group where they share their everything be it emotional, financial.
Rose lost friends who used to mock her child

Angira has faced stigma and she has come out strong. She said,

“I went on my knees and prayed for my son to die.”

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