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We Don’t Tie Our Victims, We Keep Them In Our Shrine With Evil Spirits Before Killing Them – Kidnapper Confesses



According to punch news metro, The youth and police detectives of Ichi, situated in the Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, successfully dismantled a suspected kidnappers’ den in the community.

This group, who exposed the hideout on Sunday, also set fire to a shrine that had been utilized for criminal activities by the perpetrators.

According to a source, the local youth called in the police and took the initiative to halt the criminal activities of the individuals involved in the community. The source explained that the youth apprehended some criminals within Ichi community, who were allegedly responsible for killings and kidnappings of residents. The angered youth also set fire to their shrine on the same day.

Videos and pictures circulating on social media show the moment the group exposed the hideout and arrested certain members of the kidnapping gang. These suspects were allegedly involved in criminal activities within the area, as well as nearby towns of Oba and Ojoto. They were apprehended and taken to the police headquarters in Anambra State. made it known that While the state police spokesman, Ikenga Tochukwu, confirmed the arrest, he stated that he did not have detailed information yet. However, the police command has dispatched detectives to the area to investigate the situation and maintain order.

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Upon discovery of the kidnappers’ hideout, the police and the local youth found some of their victims confined in a small room within the shrine. The shrine, containing numerous fetish items used for criminal activities, was also recovered. The herbalist in charge of the shrine reportedly fled upon hearing the arrival of the police detectives.

The hideout contained counterfeit currency notes, weapons, ammunition, and other criminal paraphernalia. One of the suspects, believed to be the gang leader, confessed that they didn’t physically tie up their victims, but rather kept them under the influence of evil spirits to prevent escape. The suspects will face legal consequences for their actions, and the shrine has been destroyed.

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