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Nigerian lady destroys boyfriend’s TV for allegedly sleeping with her friend (Watch video)



A young Nigerian lady filled with rage smashed her boyfriend’s television set for allegedly cheating on her with a close friend.

In a video making the rounds online, she showed up at his apartment to confront him after learning that he slept with someone she knows.

He tried to make her calm down and went on to say that she was overreacting, but his utterance only provoked her more and she hit his TV screen with a bottle before pulling it down.

She asked him to confirm that he truly slept with the lady in question, but he kept pleading. The girlfriend vowed to destroy everything in his house if he did not confess.

The young lady expressed disappointment and was amazed by his audacity to allegedly choose to cheat on her with her own friend.

“Even if you want to cheat on me, you cheated on me with someone you know I would know you cheated on me with. Why are you doing this now?” she queried.

Watch the video below:

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