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Lady causes a buzz with snake-inspired birthday photoshoot (Watch Video)



An African lady, Sokhna Kane takes her birthday photoshoot to a new level as she rocks an outfit inspired by a cobra snake.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Kane elegantly showcased herself in a glistening snake-themed costume, complemented by intricate makeup to fully embody the role.

Throughout the video, Kane artfully assumed various poses, mimicking that of the venomous reptile, cobra.

One captivating image depicted her leaning against a tree, resembling a well-fed serpent. In another segment of the birthday shoot, her left hand, adorned in the same shiny attire, mirrored the poised stance of a cobra prepared to strike a potential adversary or prey.

Reactions trailing snake-inspired birthday photoshoot

it~ur ~gurl~Kelly said: “Gold snake in a green grass.”

Mamiko said: “Does that please you??? I only ask if you are satisfied.”

Honey wealth said: “Watin be this abeg.”

Oluwatobi Loba RF said: “Una like to dey act too much lol.”

Theodora said: “Ah buh what is the meaning of all this now.”

sharon said: ”Make you meet wetin you dey find.”

Aduke said: “@—Pearl— @Maryam your next year photo shoot make una no worry I go sponsor the outfit.”

Watch the video below …

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