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Yahoo boys hire soldier to accost Alfa who bought Benz after giving them fake juju (Video below)



A group of internet fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) and a military officer stormed an Islamic cleric’s house to cause chaos after learning that he bought a car.

They claimed that the jazz given to them by the Alfa to use and secure cash out from foreign clients failed to work.

What infuriated them was when they heard that the same cleric has bought a Benz whereas they are still experiencing difficulty in cashing out.

A video which surfaced on the internet captured the boys and a military officer turning the Alfa’s house upside down.

The boys could be seen ransacking the house and scattering the properties in the clergyman’s house, but it seems he was not at home.

They vowed that any spiritual leader who gives them a charm which does not work would not be allowed to live luxuriously.

Neighbours trooped out to know what was happening when they heard noise in the compound.

Watch the video below:

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