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Man Left Speechless After Spotting TikTok Big Girl Buying Okirika Clothes (Video below)



Nigerian man has expressed shock after seeing a popular TikTok lady known as Simply Ciana, buying fairly used clothes.

He made a video of the big girl who has over 1 million followers online, joining some other ladies to bargain for clothes in an open space.

Ciana was captured with a friend looking at what they wanted to buy and the man asked followers to guess who they spotted in the clip.

He made things a bit easy for online users by tagging the TikTok star’s account so they can know who he was referring to.

Watch the clip below:

The man received heavy backlash for prying into someone else’s business as many netizens opined that there is nothing wrong with her choosing to go to a marketplace.

ademolaomowilliams; That’s not okrika Nigga ,it’s called max pro nd we hav lots of girls buying it

steve_household_equipment; That means the dey my followers go see me for keke or bus them go record me oooo. Abeg abeg bless me with car ooo

mo_organics; Abeg buy and wear your okrika with pride. As if you’re the one finding her lifestyle. Rubbish

_emperor_moore; So she no fit go out again go buy anything she like ? This blog get wahala na wahala be your name self 😂

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