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Peter Obi Reacts to Arthur Eze’s Remarks Over His ‘Failed’ 2023 Presidential Bid



On Monday, December 26, one of Anambra’s most influential businessmen, Arthur Eze, Described Peter Obi’s presidential bid for the 2023 election as futile.

Eze said he had earlier warned the 2023 Labour Party’s presidential candidate against his move to contest for Nigeria’s number one seat.

However, reacting to Eze’s remarks, the spokesperson for the LP’s presidential candidate, Diran Onifade said the businessman’s comment about Obi’s ambition is unfortunate but not unexpected.

His words:

“It is the influence of people like that that we want to take our politics away from.”

Speaking further, Onifade noted Obi has hammered on plans for Nigerian youths to take over the affairs of the nation.

He said that such a plan by Obi includes moves to retire Nigerian politicians like Arthur Eze.

He said:

“He is part of the establishment and structure that young Nigerians what to take our country back from.

“When we take power from the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress, the likes of Arthur Eze will no longer wield the kind of influence they enjoy today.

“You don’t expect them to take this lying down. Our candidate and our campaign remain focused on the take ahead which is to take back our country, rebuild it to make it take its proper place in the comity of nations. “

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