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What My Husband Did To My Younger Sister That Landed Him In Prison



Julia Wangui was born and raised in Nakuru as the first born child. Her mother was a single mother.

She never went to school and after several years her mother suffered from high blood pressure and died. At fifteen years she became the sole breadwinner to her siblings.

She did ordinary jobs take cake care of her siblings. However the money was never enough for food nor their education. That’s when she met a young man from her area and he offered to marry her. She quickly agreed and they moved in together.

She said that he was kind to her and when she turned seventeen years old she gave birth to their first child. This changed everything, her husband stop providing for her siblings and only paid attention to his child. When she confronted him he told her that he didn’t want her siblings anymore and she had to chose him or them.

Julia decided to leave that marriage and start over again. She rented a small house where she relocated with her siblings. Life became even more difficult because she had a small baby and she became even more frustrated.

After soon months she met yet another man who was much older than her. He offered to marry her and also take care of her siblings. Julia was desperate and she quickly agreed. She moved in his house with her child and her siblings and he treated her well.

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Julia would wash people’s clothes to help out at home. One day she left home as usual and left her younger sister with her husband at home. She went to work as usual and on her way back she met a group of people at her house.

She says that the people told her that her husband had raped her younger sister and she had been rushed to hospital. Her husband had also been arrested by the police after an angry mob beat hum brutally. She quickly rushed to hospital where she found her sister on a bad state.

“My husband had completely damaged her body that she needed extensive treatment.” Julia says.

Julia says that her sister told her that a few hours after she left her with her husband, he came to the kitchen where she was cleaning dishes and forcefully took her to his bedroom and raped her. After he was done he told her to leave and she wnet to her neighbors told them what had happened and rushed her to hospital.

Her sister was admitted for five days before she was discharged. Her husband was taken to court the following week and after weeks of court sessions, her was convicted for defilement and jailed for life imprisonment. Since then she has been living alone with her siblings and children.

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She is appealing for help from anyone willing to offer her a job or support her by paying for her siblings school fees.

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