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“The Body Is Weak” – Funny Moment As Baby Girl Battles To Stay Awake And Eat (Video below)



TikTok users are losing it over a video of a baby girl who battled to stay awake and eat her food. The video of the sleeping girl was posted by Samukelu Thandonyu and it has 9 million views as of Saturday, December 17.

The 44 seconds video shows that the girl may have already been asleep when the food was passed to her.

It was therefore proving difficult for her to maintain her alertness and take in the food before her.

She was able to take some lumps of food with her right hand but she battled a great deal to put it in her mouth.

The baby girl also battled to keep her eyes open as sleep was having a better part of her. The video which currently got over 314k likes reminds some TikTok users of their childhood.

Watch Video Below:

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