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“Flood Don Carry your Market Because of Woman” – Angry Traders Slam Foam Seller (Video below)



Some Nigerian traders did not take it lightly with a foam seller whose goods were almost ravaged by flood. In a trending video, the traders blew hot as they accused the foam seller of abandoning his goods for a woman.

The video has however stirred emotions online as viewers express their displeasure with the recent reports of flooding. A Nigerian trader was recently slammed by his colleagues after his goods were almost swept away by a heavy flood.

They accused the foam seller, Sky, of ‘playing love’ with a woman and neglecting the foams which he had sampled for sale.

A video showed the moment the foams were almost swept away as the traders kept on screaming and calling Sky.

According to the traders, they had been calling him for a long time to pack his goods, but he was too engrossed in his communication with a lady.

Fortunately, after Sky observed his goods being ravaged by flood, he quickly took action and his colleagues stepped in to help him.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions trail viral video

Amaflo1204 said:

“Gosh why are they laughing and videoing him instead of helping him? These phones!”

Fatiahmad47 wrote:

“They said they called him to pack up but he didn’t respond. Not a reason to laugh at the tragedy anyway.”

Cz_armani noted:

“Na person wey go love me like this I dey find.”

Nyc_cosmetics_and_organics asked:

“Where was the owner before the rain started?”

Nafisaa_dee stated:

“So much for being your brother’s keeper.”


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