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Female Millionaire Who Owned Houses and Luxury Cars Goes Broke, Begs In The Streets (Video)



Dorcas Kagengo, a 50-year-old woman, detailed her journey from grace to grass while pleading for help..

Previously, Dorcas was a millionaire who possessed homes, properties, and vehicles. She said that she amassed wealth and real estate when she was younger.

Dorcas came from a broken family. She still isn’t aware of who her father is. The young woman claimed that in her thirties, she won the lottery and became rich. She had a house and a car at the time.

Dorcas said that she earned millions of dollars after landing a major position as an office administrator. She acquired numerous expensive whips when she was 33 and a billionaire.

Sadly, Dorcas’ life took a turn for the worse as she traveled to Saudi Arabia in search of a different profession that she believed would pay more.

As soon as she arrived, she started experiencing a variety of ailments, including diabetes and kidney failure. She had to go back home and sell every asset she had used to support herself as the sicknesses persisted. She no longer has anything left for herself and has pleaded with others to help her.

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