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“Don’t Throw My Daughter On The Floor” – Korra Obidi Goes Hard On Former Husband Following Head Injury On June



Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has advised her ex-husband Justin Dean to watch out for her children..

This occurred when June Dean, her daughter, was reportedly sent home from school after suffering a head injury.

In a video, Korra Obidi alleged that her estranged husband had injured his daughter June’s head by throwing June while attempting to sell his bonnets.

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She was furious because if her daughter had been hurt while with her, the issue wouldn’t have been treated lightly.

The irate singer then warned her estranged husband to watch out for her kids anytime he is around them.

Recall that Korra Obidi’s famously estranged husband of Korra Obidi, Justin Dean sparked uproar on social media with his most recent Instagram post.

An irate internet user asked Justin Dean, a question, which set off the controversy.

On his Instagram feed, Justin Dean had a Q&A session and fielded a number of inquiries from curious fans.

However, a fan expressed worry over the lighthearted prank he played on his daughter June.

June Dean was completely hidden by two pillows in a viral image that caused controversy, leaving only her legs exposed.

The enquiring internet user then inquired about his desire to k!ll his young daughter.

The question read:
“Why did you cover June face, do you want to kill her?”

Justin Dean responded and set the record straight by explaining what truly transpired.

Justin Dean claimed that June wasn’t actually hidden and that she was laughing so hard that she was clearly enjoying the situation.

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